Currently there is only one plan and pricing on Travel To Care. You can submit as many listings as you wish for 150 € / Year. The process is quite simple. Please follow these instructions in order to submit your listing.

  1. Your product and service should be related to travel industry. Travel agencies, shops, restaurants, a hoteliers  etc can list their product or service with Travel To Care
  2. Your product or service should fall within our sustainability / responsibility criteria. You can read more about it here
  3. If you think you work within the sustainable and responsible business practices, then click on Submit Listing link in order to submit your products / services
  4. Once we have received your listing, we will evaluate it and should we approve your listing, we shall send you an invoice which you can pay online using your credit card. Each payment is valid for one year listing on Travel To Care.
  5. We will have professional writers have a look at the text you submit to us in order to create a uniform quality of information on Travel To Care. This is a service we provide free of charge to all our members.

Submit Your Listing