Once we have received the self-assessment checklist, our travel writer visits the accommodation or local tour operator’s business to look for the presence of the following different practices that shows commitment to the preservation and promotion of local culture, architecture and heritage:

Being culturally responsible

If the accommodation is a historical building or of heritage value, have the owners maintained the structural integrity of the building both in its facade and interiors? Is there an ongoing program of maintenance of the building?

If renovations, restoration or expansions to the building taken place, have the accommodation owners ensured that this is done using traditional construction techniques and design that is harmonious to the existing style?

Does the accommodation owner use local artisans and craftsmen in building restoration or expansion, thus promoting and preserving local art, craft and occupational skills?

Have renovations or expansions been done in consultation with accredited heritage architects or architects with local knowledge?

Are the accommodations or local operators doing anything to preserve and promote local and traditional dance, music and other performing arts?

Do the accommodations or tour operators support the sustenance and promotion of local art and craft by community artisans either directly or through their guests?

Does the accommodation or local tour operator offer local cuisine to their guests in their menus or visits to local restaurants? Do customers have opportunities to learn how to cook local food and learn local dining customs?

The above list has been created out of our own personal experiences as travellers. If you have any other criteria that we can add to the above list, we would love to hear about it. Please write to us at info@traveltocare.com and tell us why your suggestion is important.

Responsible tourism – cultural criteria