Once we have received the self-assessment checklist, our travel writer visits the accommodation or local tour operator’s business to look for the presence of the following different practices that shows commitment to the environment:

Environmentally responsible practices

Does the business work hard to conserve the use of fresh water & minimize wastage of water both in public and private areas?

Does the business recycle waste water in any way so that it can be used again in other applications, thus reducing the need for fresh water?

For accommodations, is there a communicated guest policy of towel and bed linen reuse, as a means to conserve water in washing and laundry?

Have any alternative energy sources such as solar energy, bio-gas energy, or wind energy been used in any applications in the business, thus reducing the reliance on conventional energy?

Are there any measures in place to conserve electricity and save power, like the use of energy efficient lighting or power saving devices?

Does the accommodation or tour operator use any forms of energy-efficient transport for their guests or customers?

Is there a system of segregation of waste before it is disposed?

Wherever possible due to availability of open space, is composting of food and organic non-food waste done?

Does the business work to reduce the use of consumables, and tries to recycle and reuse materials as best as they can?

Does the accommodation have a policy of use of natural materials in interiors as opposed to synthetics which are fossil-fuel derived?

Have the businesses made attempts to avoid the use of disposables and plastic packaging in their operations?

Have accommodations and local tour operators put in a newspaper-on–demand program for their rooms or in their guest transport?

Is there evidence of written or oral communication targeted towards employees and guests creating awareness or educating them about responsibility towards the environment?

The above list has been created out of our own personal experiences as travellers. If you have any other criteria that we can add to the above list, we would love to hear about it. Please write to us at info@traveltocare.com and tell us why your suggestion is important.

Responsible tourism – environmental criteria