Once we have received the self-assessment checklist, our travel writer visits the accommodation or local tour operator’s business to look for the presence of the following different practices that shows commitment to the economic & social well-being of their immediate community:

Economically & socially responsible criteria:

Does the accommodation employ people from the local community around them? Does the local tour operator use people in their office, their drivers, and their guides from the local area?

In many destinations, women are not given equal opportunity employment? Within the broad parameters of local customs (that we do not want to influence!), does the business attempt to employ women? And if so, what is the ratio?

Are local employees used only in unskilled or low-skill roles? Or has the business have an ongoing program to educate, train and build skills development of their employees?

Do employees have a safe, healthy and happy work environment? Do employees feel happy about their work, and do they feel that they are being treated fairly? Is there a retirement savings program in place? Do employees have health insurance? Are hygiene factors taken care of?

Does the accommodation or tour operator buy locally produced food, goods and services to encourage and spread economic prosperity to local businesses?

Has the business actively supported local charities, projects and NGOs in funds or in kind so that it has an indirect impact on the improvement of the environment or community?

Do accommodation providers or local tour operators actively encourage their guests to visit local projects and to interact, learn, and contribute to them in funds or in kind?

The above list has been created out of our own personal experiences as travellers. If you have any other criteria that we can add to the above list, we would love to hear about it. Please write to us at info@traveltocare.com and tell us why your suggestion is important.

Responsible tourism – social & economic criteria